Defense Spending

The EU Defense Industry: Background

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So long as the EU defense industry is not the sum of its national parts, it will struggle to compete with giants like Russia and the United States.

Next-Gen British Tempest Fighter Finds a Partner in Sweden

A Eurofighter Typhoon jet; the new, British-led consortium is seeking to build its replacement. CC Flickr, Max Pfandl, modified,

In a blow to separate Franco-German efforts, Sweden has apparently signed onto the British-led consortium to build a next generation European fighter jet.

The EU Defense Industry: In the Shadow of Brexit

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All of these best-laid plans from Brussels to bolster continental military capacity and foster a globally competitive European industrial base are imperiled by the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU.

The EU Defense Industry: Consolidation toward an ‘EU Army’?

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Brussels is opting for a gradual, voluntary, and incentivized approach to developing the continental defense industry.

EU Military (December 6, 2018)

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Zac and Nick discuss the consolidation of the EU's defense industry, and whether or not the dream of an 'EU army' can ever actually be realized.

Congress Prepares a Wish List for US Defense Spending

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President Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress have found common cause in increasing US defense spending. Here’s where some of the money could go.

Japan Slips into the Asian Arms Race

Japanese fighter jet

In a move that could have far-reaching consequences in the Asia Pacific region, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has followed through on one of his campaign promises and increased defense spending after nearly a decade of budget reductions.

The Economic and Military Implications of Japan’s Elections

Japanese Prime Minister

The Liberal Democratic Party’s Shinzo Abe emerged as the big winner in last week’s elections in Japan. But any forecast of the next four years of LDP rule must begin with the question: where exactly does the rhetoric end and the real policy begin?

DARPA: A Glimpse of All Tomorrow’s Weapons

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

This backgrounder lists some of the more promising R&D DARPA projects that are leading the charge in the development of new war-fighting technologies.

A Canadian Petroleum Reserve: Security or Savings?

Canadian petroleum

Weighing in on the creation of a Canadian strategic petroleum reserve, asking the critical question: Is this an issue of national defense?

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