Backgrounder: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

cc Bruce Detorres, Flickr, modified,

The race is on to bring cash into the digital era, and finance may never be the same.

Why Mexican Cyber-Cartels Threaten U.S. National Security

cc Flickr Christiaan Colen, modified,

Mexican cartels are taking a page from Silicon Valley in their efforts to disrupt conventional law enforcement techniques using emerging tech like ransomware and cryptocurrencies.

Russia’s New Legislation Renews Old Cryptocurrency Debates

cc Alpari Org, Flickr, modified, An image of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. This photo shows a Litecoin coin, Ethereum coin and Bitcoin coin standing vertically with reflections underneath them on a black background. This image is released under Creative Commons and is therefore available for reuse. We do request that you credit us with a link to if you do use this image.

The Russian government continues to walk a fine line between acceptance and rejection of cryptocurrencies.

China Prepares to Launch Its Own Digital Currency

CNYGreatwall, cc Flickr g0d4ather, modified,

Beijing is warming to the use of cryptocurrencies – but only on its own terms.

Innovation or Disruption? The Prospects for Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

Zuckerberg, cc Flickr Maurizio Pesce, modified,

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency won’t necessarily succeed in overhauling the global status quo. But odds are that something like it will.

Facebook’s Libra and National Monetary Sovereignty: A Tale of Two Monopolies

An artist's render of Facebook's libra currency; CC Flickr BTC Keychain, modified,

Does the rise of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency portend the demise of the nation-state’s currency monopoly?

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