China-Japan Relations

Japan’s Rare Earth Mineral Discovery Could be a Geopolitical Game Changer


Japan’s massive rare earth mineral discovery could break China’s monopoly and recast bilateral relations between the two countries.

Abe Moves A Step Closer to Constitutional Reform in Japan

Abe222, cc Foreign and Commonwealth Office Flickr, modified,

The Liberal Democratic Party’s recent victory has brought the controversial topic of constitutional reform in Japan into the political spotlight once again.

Balancing Russia in the Pacific No Easy Task for Washington

cc Flickr Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet, modified,

The U.S., if not careful, could find itself fighting two wars in the Asia Pacific.

Japan Dreams of a Chinese Energy Chokehold

Shinzo_Abe,_Prime_Minister_of_Japan_(9092387608), cc Wikicommons, Chatham House London

The Japanese government is seeking allies in a bid to balance against a rising China.

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