Catalonia Independence

Madrid Takes Control in Catalonia


As Madrid asserts its direct control over Catalonia, many are looking ahead to new elections on December 21 as make-or-break for the independence movement.

Snapshot: Catalonia and Spain


As a key deadline passes and Madrid assumes direct rule over the region, we contrast the economic metrics of Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

Catalonia and Spain: The End of the Beginning?

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There’s only one road that leads to peaceful reconciliation, and it continues to elude the Spanish authorities.

Madrid Braces for a Declaration of Independence in Catalonia

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Spain’s political crisis is ramping up ahead of the expected declaration of independence on October 9.

Global Forecast (10-3-2017)


Gloomy economic data and leadership challenges loom over the UK Tory conference, Angela Merkel’s coalition talks get off to a bad start in Germany, and protesters flood the streets of Barcelona.

Catalonia’s Constitutional Crisis Is Just Getting Started

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The constitutional crisis in the lead-up to Catalonia’s independence vote pales in comparison to what comes next.

Madrid Cracks Down on Catalonia’s Independence Push

Map of Catalan

The Spanish government is doing everything it can to thwart Catalonia’s upcoming independence vote. Will it succeed?

Catalonia Independence Fight Enters a New Phase

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A new regional government is bringing new hope to supporters of an independent Catalonia.

An Independent Catalonia Will Be a Good Neighbour

Catalonia Independence

Delving into the David v. Goliath struggle faced by the Catalan independence movement.

Catalan Independence and a Tumultuous 2014 for Spain


Examining the current debate surrounding Catalan independence and what it might mean for the future of Spain and the EU.

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