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Will the Bank of Canada Opt for Another Interest Rate Cut?

Loonie44, cc Flickr Aaron Strout

All eyes will be on Canada central bank governor Stephen Poloz on Wednesday as he grapples with the riddle of post-2009 monetary policy: To cut or not to cut?

CETA Free Trade Agreement Could Benefit Canada More Than EU


Experts believe that CETA could benefit Canada more than the EU, but only if laws are passed to revive Canadian competitiveness.

Canada’s Hawkish Foreign Policy Is Here to Stay

Trudeau cc Mohammad Jangda

Demographic and economic trends suggest that Canada’s shift towards a more hawkish foreign policy will outlast the Harper government.

Canadian Military Still Suffering a Capabilities Gap

Fighter jet flying over Canada

Not a lot has changed in terms of Canadian military capabilities despite several years of Conservative rule.

Gauging the Impact of CETA

Canadian Prime Minister

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Zachary Fillingham discusses the impact of the CETA free trade deal recently agreed upon by Canada and the European Union.

On the Brink of a Canada-EU Trade Deal: A Recap

Harper and EU trade deal

Now that the Canada-EU free trade agreement is entering the final phase of negotiations, the Harper government finds itself on the brink of accomplishing one of its most important foreign policy goals.

Red Star over Canada’s Networks: Huawei or the Highway

Internet network infrastructure

The fallout from this week’s damning US House Intelligence Committee report on the national security threat posed by Chinese telecoms has drifted north of the border.

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