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We’re Asking the Wrong Questions about Huawei

Mobile World Congress, cc Flickr Kārlis Dambrāns, modified,

Ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers.

Canada Elections – Outlook 2019 (December 24, 2018)

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As part of the Outlook 2019 series, Zac and Nick discuss the geopolitical stakes of the upcoming Canadian general election, including the short-term prospects of Canada-China relations and the future of Canada's energy policy.

USMCA: Winners and Losers in the US-Canada Trade Deal

Donald_Trump_receives_a_gift_from_Justin_Trudeau_in_Canada_-_2018, public domain, modified,, Shealah Craighead

US and Canadian negotiators have agreed in principle to a new trade deal. Just don’t call it ‘NAFTA.’

Bin Salman’s Feud with Canada Puts an End to the Prince’s Reformist Image

MBS2, cc Flickr U.S. Department of State, modified,

The biggest casualty of the Canada-Saudi Arabia rift is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s reputation as a reformer.

Canada’s Feud with the Saudis Will Inevitably End in Happy Hypocrisy

SD meets KSA, cc Flickr James N. Mattis, modified,

The only question is: How long before Canada gives in?

Canada Expanding Its Role in Global Arms Trade

800px-qamr_vehicle, public domain

Contrary to its own history of arms control, Canada is becoming a major player in the global arms market.

What to Expect from a Trudeau Government

cc A.k.fung, Justin Trudeau 2009

The Harper era included a few major departures from the past in terms of Canadian foreign policy. Will Justin Trudeau continue the trend?

Canada Election 2015: Foreign Policy Is a Four-Letter Word

Mulcair, 2014, cc Flickr Alex Guibord

Nearly a week into the Canadian election campaign and there’s very little to go on in terms of the foreign policy platforms of opposition parties. “Keep it vague,” seems to be the overriding dictum so far.

Canada Steps Out of Peacekeeper Role and into the Unknown

CF-18-2, cc Flickr Perry Quan, modified

The Harper government has shifted Canadian foreign policy from ‘peacekeeper’ to ‘player’ in the Middle East and beyond. But is the Canadian military ready for a more assertive role on the world stage?

Bill C-51: Harper’s Attempt to ‘Arrest His Way out of Terrorism’

Parliament Hill, cc Flickr joiseyshowaa, modified,

Instead of creating new laws and new criminals as Bill C-51 would, Canadian politicians should adopt a more holistic approach to the problem of terrorism.

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