Breakaway Republics

Moldova’s February Elections and Regional Geopolitics

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With recent elections producing a political stalemate, we can expect more of the same from Moldova’s foreign policy.

Backgrounder: Ukraine Politics

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A backgrounder on the internal politics of Ukraine, a country caught in an East-West geopolitical crossfire.

Russia Slowly Tightens Its Grip on Georgia’s South Ossetia

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Russia has expanded the military demarcation line in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia.

Ukraine Crisis: Stalemate Drags on in Donbas

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The Ukraine crisis is increasingly looking like Europe’s newest frozen conflict.

Ukraine Nationalism Pushes Minsk to the Background

ukrainesoldiers, cc Flickr Saeima, modified,

A popular blockade of a rail corridor between the east and west illustrates the ongoing struggle at the heart of Ukraine’s politics.

Four Empires on the Rise, Part One

lightmap, cc Flickr NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, modified,

In part one of a two-part series, Andre Ishii explores how classical geopolitics will increasingly manifest in the years to come.

Flash: EU Russia Sanctions a Casualty of President Trump?

putintalk, cc

The Trump presidency is a game-changer for EU sanctions on Russia.

Ukraine Crisis: Outcomes of the Berlin Summit

ukraine crisis, cc Flickr Ben Sutherland, modified,

The recent Berlin Summit may not have achieved much on the surface, but it did clarify some important aspects of the Ukraine crisis.

Ukraine Crisis: A New Peace Plan for Donbas

The Ukraine crisis has dragged on for over two years now. CC Flickr European People's Party, modified,

A new peace plan is being tabled to end the Ukraine crisis. But will the government in Kiev sign on?

Ukraine Conflict Heating Up Again

This image has been published by the Munich Security Conference under the license Creative Commons Attribution Germany 3.0 on their website According to the Legal notice you can use the images provided that the name of the photographer is indicated. (Marc Müller)

It would appear that Russian leaders aren’t ready to put the Ukraine conflict on ice.

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