African Oil

FLASH: Angola Turns to IMF for Financial Help

AngolaEU, cc Flickr UNCTAD, modified,

Africa’s second-biggest oil exporter is running out of money.

Food Insecurity a Boon for Boko Haram in Nigeria

cc Wikicommons, public domain, (VOA/Nicolas Pinault), Wikicommons, public domain, (VOA/Nicolas Pinault),

Boko Haram is taking advantage of the poverty and food insecurity in northern Nigeria to stage a comeback.

Niger Delta: A Region Cursed by Oil Politics

Buhari, cc Flickr Global Panorama, modified,

A failure to tackle the root causes of underdevelopment could spark a new wave of violence in the Niger Delta.

Market Meltdown Means More Pain for Oil Producers

OilDerricks, cc Flickr Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

What was once a supply-side phenomenon is now being aggravated by falling global demand, meaning lower oil prices and even more pain for long-suffering oil producers.

For Morocco, Security, Rule of Law, and Energy Are Three Eggs in a Same Basket

CIA Factbook Morocco, CC CIA Factbook

Oil discoveries can be a curse in countries with sectarian fault lines and a weak rule of law.

Libya Oil Report (05-26-15)

OilBarrels, cc Flickr Sergio Russo, modified,

A look at which fields are still pumping oil in Africa’s energy powerhouse turned failed state.

Analysis: Nigeria’s Economy Shuts Down

Buhari, cc Flickr Global Panorama, modified

Nigeria is in the grips of a massive fuel shortage that has ground its national economy to a halt.

Nigeria: Dynamics of an Oil Crisis

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With its oil-reliant economy and high break-even price, Nigeria is one country that has been hit particularly hard by recent OPEC policy.

Cheap Oil and Political Risk: Nigeria

Nigeria Election Posters, cc Clara Sanhiz,, modified

In this series, analyzes political fallout from the global plunge in oil prices. Part four focuses on Nigeria.

Italy’s Eni & Other Oil Producers Try to Ride Out Libya Chaos

Bouri_NC_41_DP4_platform, an Eni off-shore platform in the Mediterranean. cc wikicommons

Production disruptions, the spread of Islamic State, and two governments hanging on by a fiscal thread – Libya is descending into anarchy. But that hasn't stopped Italy’s Eni and other producers from keeping the oil flowing.

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