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Food Insecurity a Boon for Boko Haram in Nigeria

cc Wikicommons, public domain, (VOA/Nicolas Pinault), Wikicommons, public domain, (VOA/Nicolas Pinault),

Boko Haram is taking advantage of the poverty and food insecurity in northern Nigeria to stage a comeback.

Niger Delta: A Region Cursed by Oil Politics

Buhari, cc Flickr Global Panorama, modified,

A failure to tackle the root causes of underdevelopment could spark a new wave of violence in the Niger Delta.

Market Meltdown Means More Pain for Oil Producers

OilDerricks, cc Flickr Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

What was once a supply-side phenomenon is now being aggravated by falling global demand, meaning lower oil prices and even more pain for long-suffering oil producers.

For Morocco, Security, Rule of Law, and Energy Are Three Eggs in a Same Basket

CIA Factbook Morocco, CC CIA Factbook

Oil discoveries can be a curse in countries with sectarian fault lines and a weak rule of law.

Libya Oil Report (05-26-15)

OilBarrels, cc Flickr Sergio Russo, modified,

A look at which fields are still pumping oil in Africa’s energy powerhouse turned failed state.

Analysis: Nigeria’s Economy Shuts Down

Buhari, cc Flickr Global Panorama, modified

Nigeria is in the grips of a massive fuel shortage that has ground its national economy to a halt.

Nigeria: Dynamics of an Oil Crisis

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With its oil-reliant economy and high break-even price, Nigeria is one country that has been hit particularly hard by recent OPEC policy.

Cheap Oil and Political Risk: Nigeria

Nigeria Election Posters, cc Clara Sanhiz,, modified

In this series, analyzes political fallout from the global plunge in oil prices. Part four focuses on Nigeria.

Italy’s Eni & Other Oil Producers Try to Ride Out Libya Chaos

Bouri_NC_41_DP4_platform, an Eni off-shore platform in the Mediterranean. cc wikicommons

Production disruptions, the spread of Islamic State, and two governments hanging on by a fiscal thread – Libya is descending into anarchy. But that hasn't stopped Italy’s Eni and other producers from keeping the oil flowing.

Boko Haram Carving the Next ‘Islamic State’ out of Nigeria

Map of the Boko Haram Offensive in Northern Nigeria

Boko Haram is fighting to carve its own Caliphate out of the Nigerian state, and early indications suggest they might just accomplish their goal.

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