Joining the Game: Peru Seeks to Exploit Lithium Deposits

Ministerio de Defensa del Perú, modified,

While not as rich in lithium as neighboring Bolivia, the Republic of Peru has significant lithium reserves waiting to be exploited. The Peruvian government is now looking to provide permits for a Canadian company to exploit lithium in Puno, in the south of the country.


The Puno Project

In April, the Peruvian government announced that exploration licenses would be provided to the Peru-based company Macusani Yellowcake, a Plateau Energy Metals subsidiary (Plateau Energy Metals  completed a merger with American Lithium in May 2021). American Lithium already operates in Peru, specifically in the Macusani Uranium Project, also located in Puno. The state newspaper El Peruano quoted Energy and Mining Minister Oscar Vera this past 10 April 2023 as saying the government will finalize the permits within the next two months. The minister noted, optimistically, that “it appears that our lithium does not have uranium, and it will be much easier for us” to exploit it.

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