Is Bangladesh Pivoting from India toward the China-Pakistan Nexus?

cc Narendra Modi, modified,

A series of events between July and August pertaining to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China have given way to discussions about a major shift in the geopolitical realities of the South Asia region. It all started with a meeting between Pakistan’s high commissioner, Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, and Bangladesh’s foreign minister, AK Abdul Momen on July 1st. This was followed by a phone call later in the same month between Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina, wherein he also invited her to visit Islamabad. Naturally, these bilateral engagements were going to be discussed with reference to India-Bangladesh ties and it did begin to happen; however, the talks received major traction after the publication of two specific articles, one in Bangladesh and the other one in India, which not only discussed the aforementioned bilateral talks but also made a claim that that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not grant an appointment to India High Commissioner Riva Ganguly Das, despite multiple requests within the span of four months up until then. This was picked up by other regional media outlets. Moreover, some Pakistani journalists and political commentators began to suggest a major shift in Bangladesh’s tone towards Pakistan. Of course, the speculation also comes alongside China’s surging economic engagements with Bangladesh. 

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