The first cases of coronavirus made emerged in the United States in January and began picking up after March. As a result of the increasing caseload, various rules and regulations were put in place in different states to encourage social distancing, ranging from closing down schools and parks to enforcing strict “shelter in place” rules. The state of California passed directives to keep individuals at home in mid-March and by March 30th, 30 other states had followed suit. Unfortunately, the government’s efforts have not been nearly enough to combat the rapid spread of COVID-19. Unlike European countries such as France, the US fight against COVID-19 has been disadvantaged throughout due to slow adoption of quarantine and mitigating measures, lack of adequate COVID-19 testing, overwhelmed hotlines, and a general lack of public health officials. Even as late as May, only 2.74 percent of the US population had been tested due to lack testing centres and equipment. Outside of well-controlled state outbreaks like New York, most of the United States is seeing a steep rise in inflection rates. As confirmed by the CDC, the U.S. now holds the record for the most confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, with about 2,982,900 total cases and 131,065 total deaths as of July 9th, 2020.