China’s Xi Pushes New Anti-Corruption Agency

November 30, 2017

Geopolitical Monitor

XiVisit, cc Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Flickr, modfiied,



China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) is expected to greenlight the establishment of a new anti-corruption agency called the National Supervision Commission. The commission seeks to expand the powers of the current anticorruption agency, which has figured prominently in Xi Jinping’s first term. A new National Supervision Commission would expand its mandate beyond the Party to include policing China’s public sector, putting some 60 million new people under its jurisdiction. It would also have the power to detain suspects for up to three months without access to a lawyer.

Chinese legal scholars are concerned about what the National Supervision Commission might mean for rule of law and the separation of party and state in China. Yet one of the most immediate impacts of the new commission would be to institutionalize President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign, cementing his influence over Chinese politics for decades to come.


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