Suzane Mneimneh

Forecast 2014: Middle East

Geological map of middle east

Examining some of the defining political, economic, and military trends facing the Middle East in 2014.

A Military Strike on Syria: Possible Scenarios

Destruction of Syrian building

What are the military options available to the United States should it decide to go ahead with a military strike in Syria?

Can Nigeria’s Boko Haram Survive the Death of Its Leader?

Death of Boko Haram Leader

What do rumors of Abu-Bakr Shekau's death mean for the future of Nigeria's Boko Haram?

Tunisia: A New Dilemma

Assassination of Mohammed al-Brahmy

Exploring the impact of the latest political assassination in Tunisia on the country's ongoing political transition.

Yemen: The Forgotten Front

Political Map of Yeman

What are the challenges faced by the new Yemeni government in dealing with the Islamist insurgency in the South?

A Fine Balance: US-Egyptian Relations after Morsi

Egyptian city

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Suzane Mneimneh examines the dynamics underpinning US-Egyptian relations in the post-Morsi era. 

Moving Towards the “Unmanned War”

US Drone

Examining the US military's slow but steady movement towards unmanned platforms.

The Risks of an Israeli Intervention in Syria

Air strikes in Syria

Exploring some of the potential risks involved in an Israeli intervention in the Syrian conflict.

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