Ronan Keenan

Rising to the Challenge of Stagnant US Wages

2009 Union Protest CC SEIU Local 1

Change must be embraced if the United States is to adapt to the new normal of globalized wealth.

Canadian Economy Headed for a Wake-Up Call?


The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Ronan Keenan discusses soft spots in the Canadian economy as the loonie continues its slide from parity.

The US Should Stop Calling Ukraine’s New Government ‘Legitimate’

US and Ukraine Government

Overlooking the non-democratic aspects of Ukraine’s recent political transition harms the promotion of democratic values worldwide.

Growing Pains for China’s Financial System

Chinese Banknotes

A corporate default is rarely reason to celebrate, but nor is it always a sign of impending crisis.

Does the Keystone XL Still Matter?

Pipeline in Alberta

Given upcoming US elections, does the Keystone XL still matter?

Forecast 2014: Economic Trends

Wall Street Bull

What are some of the major economic trends that will be making headlines in 2014?

Why a Fragile US Economy Isn’t Impacting Stocks – For Now

Stock values on screens

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Ronan Keenan examines the health of US equities beyond the Fed’s quantitative easing program. 

Eurozone: Stability in 2013, Aggressive Action Later

Euro Symbol with stars

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Ronan Keenan explains how a stable 2013 for the eurozone may come at the cost of more dramatic actions down the road. 

Monetary Policy, BRIC Countries, and the Amusing Futility of Gauging Investor Forecasts

euro coin

Though far from perfect, investor surveys still have some value as a platform for debating major market themes.

The Slow and Steady Rise of the Chinese Yuan

currency of china

Exploring the future prospects of what many believe to be an up-and-coming global reserve currency.

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