Robert Veldhuizen

Evergrande: Harbinger of China’s Decline?

cc Flickr lwtt93, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/37195641@N03/8002903425/in/photolist-dcbYnx-dmRhMA-diYmCd-hQ7BTR-dg5r9z-dnFnTD-fXiwuf-cj5pBY-e1R68Q-aqcUu6-dbSET2-8KHDq8-dRpQoS-24ajK5e-dbSxBS-xfqtxh-dCPjmt-24PCSg2-StbyST-255k87E-fv29cY-wobJKL-bRjDQZ-ZhErnG-daCh8v-d43zSw-fqPMXC-cjDUXd-d32rL9-prx8c7-chWAWw-cLeWbb-PM5hwK-dWotjn-cL97UE-DoEhnn-C14YQQ-zpjL1w-gMTbnL-daCXdo-NQHnvW-gMTgX3-jUgsrq-cUBrCG-q6uEaG-25UVhBK-9AoNPG-bqEcQh-d6bqpU-Zj9jCo

Evergrande has laid bare Beijing’s secret: structural weaknesses are sending China into decline.

Canada’s Taxpayers and Environment on the Hook to Polluting Industries

ImperialProtest, cc Flickr Jeremy Board, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Industrial accidents and contamination, all too often paid for by the Canadian people, illustrate the desperate need for an overhaul in environmental law.

Untangling America’s Middle East Muddle

Last flight at Al Udeid Air Base, cc Flickr U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos, modified, public domain

Faced with resurgent ‘great power’ rivals, the United States must realign its Middle East posture.

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