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Malaysia: Another Crisis Looming?

Tun_Dr._Mahathir_-_panoramio, cc CK Tan, modified, Wikicommons, Panoramio, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tun_Dr._Mahathir_-_panoramio.jpg

Malaysia’s ethnic and religious minorities are being pushed to the margins by an ascendant Malay mainstream, with potentially destabilizing consequences.

Humiliation on the High Seas: The Australia-Indonesia Spat

political map

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Murray Hunter examines one of the latest disagreements between the governments of Indonesia and Australia. 

Australia’s Intelligence Community: Behind the Times in an Asian Century

Government research grounds

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Murray Hunter argues how new revelations surrounding Australian intelligence activities could come to harm the country's standing in Asia.

Winds of Discontent over Borneo


What is needed to head off growing discontent towards the federal government in the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak?

What a Refused Visa Tells Us about the Abbot Government’s Foreign Policy

Geographic map of Austria

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Murray Hunter examines how a refused visa might indicate a less principled foreign policy from Australia's new Abbott administration. 

Malaysia: In Search of a New National Narrative

Crescent moon and sun and red and white stripes

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Murray Hunter argues that it's time for Malaysia to come up with a new national narrative. 

Abbott Could Surprise in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott lectures

Australia's new prime minister might come as a pleasant surprise to many.

One View Over a Thousand: Singapore’s Cadre System

Father of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Murray Hunter examines how the PAP cadre system in Singapore hampers poltiical innovation. 

Overview: Australia Elections

Australian Parliament

Murray Hunter examines what's in play in upcoming polls in Australia, asking the question: Just how important are these elections?

Australian Immigration, Visa Outsourcing, and the Snowden Link

Visa Stamps in Australian Passport

Examining the various drawbacks of Australia's secretive outsourcing of visa applications.

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