Alessandra Bajec

Egypt’s War on Human Rights NGOs Escalates in New Verdict

A human rights protestor in Egypt carries an Egyptian flag.

The reopening of a 2011 case against human rights NGOs is just a legal pretext for state agencies to smear the only remaining voices which are critical of the government’s policies.

Fighting Terror: United We Strike, Divided We Fall

ParisAttacks, cc Flickr, BEATRICE URRUSPIL, modified, public domain

The Western and Muslim worlds need to unite in the face of terrorism.

Egypt: A Few Pardons Doesn’t Mean Justice

sisigraph, cc Flickr thierry ehrmann, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

The recent round of pardons in Egypt is a palliative measure that provides little camouflage to the unchanged malaise in Egypt’s justice system.

Fears over Power Sharing Resurface in Egypt

Abdel_Fattah_el-Sisi, cc Wikicommons Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Less than a month ahead of the long-awaited parliamentary elections, Egypt’s President Al-Sisi has made some remarks on the Constitution, sparking a debate about a possible amendment.

Egypt Talks on Gaza: An Open-Ended Ceasefire?


Pessimism looms over upcoming talks between the Palestinians and Israel in Egypt.

Egypt: Where have all the Revolutionaries Gone?

Portrait of Egyptian Revolutionary

We should mourn the disappearance of the revolutionary spirit that brought protestors to Tahrir Square in 2011.

Security Forces Absent as Egypt’s Churches Face Attacks

Churches at night

Alessandra Bajec argues the need for the Egyptian government to intervene in a meaningful way amid rising attacks against the country's Christian minority.

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