Africa Faces “Super Election Year” in 2024

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This year will undoubtedly be special, not least from a democratic standpoint. From West to East, North to South, a quarter of the global population is expected at the polls in the coming 12 months. And while the US presidential election is likely to steal the spotlight, due to the nature of one of its likely candidates, several elections in Africa have the potential to reshape the continent’s relationship with democracy. A third of Africans will go to polls in no less than 19 countries across the continent, and these combined elections will help shape the governance, economic growth, and social stability of all those involved.

African nations across the continent entered 2024 with different outlooks in terms of economic disparity, security, and access to resources. Yet one can identify common challenges felt across Africa, namely soaring inflation (Ghana for instance ended 2023 with an over 45% inflation rate), escalating foreign debt, and high levels of unemployment.


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