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Biden is Right Not to Abandon Plans for the Summit for Democracy after the Capitol Siege

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If anything, the events of January 6 make democratic solidarity on the world stage even more pressing.

Infrastructure: Biden’s Next Policy Battle

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Biden promised big things for infrastructure on the campaign trail. Can his administration deliver?

Biden’s Day One Executive Actions Take Aim at Key Planks of Trump Era

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In what seems to be an emerging norm for the executive branch, US President Joe Biden has wasted no time in dismantling key planks of his predecessor’s agenda.

US Stimulus: Biden Era to Open with a Fiscal Bang

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The Biden administration has proposed a bold – and expensive – stimulus package to reinvigorate the US economy, and its legislative path will say a lot about how US politics will operate over the next two years.

Biden and the US Student Debt Crisis

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How big of a problem is US student debt, and what can we expect the Biden administration to do about it?

The Coming Cyber-Industrial Complex: A Warning for the New US Administration

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The framers of US cyber policy can learn a lot from President Eisenhower’s prescient farewell address.

Three Policy Takeaways from the US Election


Regardless of who emerges the winner, the most immediate consequences of the election will manifest in tax, trade, and partisanship.

Trump Doctrine: The Foreign Policy of Personal Preference

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Trump Doctrine is a foreign policy based not on any vision of the United States' role in the world, but rather on the commander-in-chief's vision of various world leaders.

US Elections: Leadership without Direction vs. Direction without Leadership

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Here’s hoping that Joe Biden’s “return to normalcy” won’t drag US foreign policy back into antiquated strategic thinking that desperately needs an overhaul.

Qualified Immunity is an American Travesty

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By providing a handy loophole for ignoring constitutional protections, the legal concept of qualified immunity does far more harm than good.

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