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Tunisia: A Water Conflict in the Making?

An olive tree in Sahel, Tunisia. Disruption in the agricultural industry threatens to drive water conflict in this important country in the MENA region.

Drought conditions are driving water conflicts throughout Tunisia, further destabilizing the fragile outpost of democracy in the MENA region.

Tourism: Forgotten Victim of the Arab Winter

An empty beach in Tunisia; Tunisia's tourism industry has been hit hard by a series of domestic attacks by ISIS.

With tourist streams to Tunisia drying up, Saudi Arabia is hoping to establish itself as a tourism destination in the Middle East.

Hong Kong: Seafood, Tourism, and Severe Pollution

HongKOng, cc Flickr Toby Oxborrow, modified,

Greater environmental enforcement and education are needed if Hong Kong is to avoid the economic fallout of a polluted waterfront.

KL9268: Striking at the Heart of Egypt’s Stability

Sharm_el_Sheikh_R01, cc Marc Ryckaert

By targeting the tourist sector in a fragile Egyptian economy, the bombing of KL9268 has struck a major blow against the Sisi government.

Tunisia’s Terrorism Problem Goes Beyond Islamic State

Tunisia Flag, cc Flickr Nicolas Raymond

One must look beyond Islamic State for the real causes of radicalization in Tunisia. Only then will we have the proper tools to stomp out terrorism.

The West Must Help Tunisia before It’s Too Late

A bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius at the Bardo Museum. cc Flickr, Richard Mortel, modified,

Though not necessarily through military means…

Soft Power in Asia: Everyone Wants It, No one Gets It

Asian Reporter

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Zachary Fillingham takes a look at a few recent soft power missteps in East Asia. 

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