Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Winter Looms for Energy-Starved Europe

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With the temporary closure of Nord Stream I, Moscow continues to turn the screw on Europe’s energy supply.

Four Deaths and Still No Funeral? Germany and Nord Stream 2

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Nord Stream 2 is dead (again), but don’t expect the Kremlin to shed many tears.

US and Germany Reach a Deal on Nord Stream 2


Ultimately, this zero-sum decision between two US allies was hardly a Sophie’s choice.

Donald Trump’s Lost Dream of World Energy Domination

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Donald Trump has no solution to the crisis in the domestic hydraulic fracturing industry. Ultimately, the survival of the industry lies in Saudi Arabia.

LNG Imports and New Supply Challenge Russia’s Hold on European Gas Market


LNG imports and Azeri pipelines look set to lessen Europe’s dependence on Russian supplies, potentially limiting Moscow’s political and economic influence over the region.

Denmark Throws a Wrench into Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Plans


Denmark’s regulatory foot-dragging on Nord Stream 2 could frustrate Russian attempts to isolate Ukraine on a new gas transit deal.

Backgrounder: Nord Stream 2


Key background information on Nord Stream 2, the energy pipeline that was center stage at this week’s NATO summit.

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