Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta

Backgrounder: Nigeria’s Energy Security Dilemma

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Security and development deficiencies lurk behind many of the factors that are keeping Nigeria’s energy sector from realizing its considerable economic promise.

Ghana Emerges on the Oil Radar

Ghana's President John Atta Mills inspects a guard of honour upon arrival for the ECOWAS meeting in Abuja

The ascent of Ghana as an oil exporter will shift the energy landscape in Africa, potentially heralding in a new era of development in the West African state.

Terrorism Spreads in Nigeria

dead bodies in Nigeria

The sudden explosion of violence in northern Nigeria doesn’t bode well for state stability moving forward, especially given the persistence of MEND’s ongoing rebellion in the south.

Amnesty in the Niger Delta

civilian walking along pipes in the Niger Delta

As long as the root causes of dissent still exist in the Niger Delta, any lull in violence that the Nigerian government’s offer for an amnesty produces will likely be short lived.

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