Israel-Palestine Conflict

Why I Never Use the Word “Palestine”

Palflag, cc Flickr Heinrich Böll Foundation Palestine & Jordan, modified,

The word describes a sovereign entity that simply doesn’t exist.

International Law vs. Institutional Disarray on Palestine & Kashmir

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Some of the world’s more intractable conflicts demand a legal rather than a political solution.

Grim Prospects for Turkey-Saudi Relations

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As is often the case in the Middle East, third-party bilateral relationships are driving Turkey and Saudi Arabia further apart.

Interview: Anton Salman on the Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Mayor Anton salman Photo

Anton Salman, the mayor of Bethlehem, in his first interview in 2018: starting from the “Siege of the Nativity church,” passing through Donald Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, ending with the future of Palestine.

The Rebirth of Russia’s Global Interests

Vladimir_Putinddd, cc The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office, modified,

In a case of history repeating, Moscow is making new diplomatic inroads into both the DPRK crisis and the Israel-Palestine peace process.

Revisiting Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation

Hamas rally 2007, cc Wikicommons Hoheit (¿!), modified,

Will the Jerusalem embassy move be boon or bane to Hamas-Fatah reconciliation?

US Threatens to Cut Palestinian Authority Funding

RexMahmoud, cc Flickr US Department of State, modified,

The Trump administration’s threats against the Palestinian Authority might impact the peace process in ways that were never intended.

Outlook 2018: The Year in Trump


What twists and turns can we expect from the Trump show in 2018?

President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Jerusalem Dome of the Rock, cc Flickr Dennis Jarvis, modified,

Following through with one of his campaign promises, President Trump has bucked decades of US policy by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Israel’s New Settlement Law a Grim Precedent for West Bank Palestinians

US Government, public domain

Some fear that a new settlement law in Israel could serve as legal precedent for expelling Palestinians from the West Bank.

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