Global Arms Trade

Greek Frigate Deal Eases AUKUS Fallout for France

French Rafale Fighter, cc Flickr Alan Wilson, modified,

Newly-announced $5 billion frigate deal doesn’t recoup Australia losses, but it does send all the right signals so far as Paris is concerned.

Rise of a “Drone Superpower?” Turkish Drones Upending Russia’s Near Abroad

Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2, author Bayhaluk, modified,

The proliferation of Turkish drones amongst Russian adversaries from Libya to Ukraine presents Moscow with a strategic challenge in its near abroad.

Russian Arms Sales to Armenia and Their Geopolitical Effects

Saint Petersburg, Russia, cc Flickr, Ninara, modified,,

In tilting too far in favor of Armenia, Russia risks losing its longstanding influence over Azerbaijan.

Arms Sales in Africa: A Buyer’s Market

AFRICOM visits AASF, cc Flickr New Jersey National Guard, modified,, (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen/Released)

Africa is now a lucrative market for arms sellers around the world. This is particularly true of Turkey, which is emphasizing relations with the continent under President Erdogan.

Backgrounder: Turkey and the S-400 Affair

Russia's S-400 system, cc Vitaly V. Kuzmin -, modified,

Turkey has officially been kicked out of the F-35 program after purchasing Russia’s S-400 platform, but there’s still plenty more time before relations with the West truly hit rock-bottom.

The US Could Shoot Itself in the Foot with Russia Sanctions

KremlinModiPutin, cc, modified,

Washington should be careful that sanctions against Russian arms exports don’t impact trade relations with key allies like India.

Arms Trade: A Global Buyers’ Market

THAAD, cc Flickr Mark Holloway, modified,, originally released by US Army

The US, Russia, and China may be the world’s largest arms exporters, but other states are now coming around on the economic perks of a military industrial complex.

Canada Expanding Its Role in Global Arms Trade

800px-qamr_vehicle, public domain

Contrary to its own history of arms control, Canada is becoming a major player in the global arms market.

The French Bid for Grandeur in the Middle East

President France Francois Hollande

Examining recent efforts by France to carve out its own geopolitical niche in the Middle East.

Australia’s Defense Paper: Towards Middle Power or Strategic Withdrawal?

Minister Julia Gillard on Defense

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Murray Hunter examines what Australia's latest defense white paper means for the country's medium-term security outlook. 

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