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Global Forecast (06-28-2018)


Another attempt at Taliban talks in Afghanistan, Venezuela’s oil industry struggles to fulfil its contracts, and Turkey secures a YPG pullout from Manbij.

Energy: A Basic Human Right

India_fields_and_wind_turbines, cc Flickr Yahoo, modified,

It’s time to codify access to clean and reliable energy as a basic human right.

Russia in the Arctic: Friend or Foe?

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Russia is making great strides in the Arctic. Should other Arctic Council states be concerned?

Grim Prospects for Turkey-Saudi Relations

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As is often the case in the Middle East, third-party bilateral relationships are driving Turkey and Saudi Arabia further apart.

Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: Another South China Sea?


Border disputes, lucrative energy resources, and an aggressive regional hegemon – the similarities between the Eastern Mediterranean and the South China Sea are striking.

Adani Scandal Threatens Australia’s Carmichael Coal Mine

A protest against the Carmichael mine in Australia, cc Flickr Takver, modified,

Adani’s renewed scandal and financing challenges are calling the future of one of the world’s largest new coal mines into question.

Interview: Statoil’s Anders Marvik on Geopolitical Risk and the Energy Industry in 2017

GPM-Interview-Small’s Jeremy James sits down with Anders Marvik, Vice President of EU Political Affairs Office at Statoil, to discuss the geopolitical risks and opportunities facing Statoil and the wider energy industry in 2017.

The Importance of US LNG Exports to Europe

CC Jan Arrhénborg / AGA, wikicommons,

US LNG exports could be a key piece in the European Union’s energy security puzzle.

Myanmar: Ground Zero for China-India Energy Competition

Aung, Source Senat Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Author Michał Józefaciuk, cc Wikicommons,

Although democratization has brought added scrutiny to joint ventures in Myanmar, the NLD government is very much in need of the infrastructure investment that China and India can offer.

Gazprom’s New Strategy of Control: Recapturing the EU Gas Market

Gazprom Logo

Energy Union was struck a blow by the Brexit, but it can still bounce back.

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