Israel Bolsters Digital Defense amid Iran Cyber Threat

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Israel concedes Tehran is a dominant cyber rival as Iranian hackers target country’s ‘soft underbelly’ – the private sector

Are Sanctions the Answer in Ransomware Prevention?

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The recent decline in ransomware attacks suggests that targeted sanctions, consistently and internationally applied, may degrade the ability of cybercriminals to mount ransomware operations.

The Coming Cyber-Industrial Complex: A Warning for the New US Administration

General Eisenhower visits a V2 launch site in Europe, 1944, modified, public domain,

The framers of US cyber policy can learn a lot from President Eisenhower’s prescient farewell address.

US Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking

Director Clapper, cc Flickr Medill DC,

A report from the US intelligence community on Russian hacking is dividing the US electorate along partisan lines.

Evolving U.S. Cooperation with China on Cyberespionage

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Game theory reveals a way forward in Sino-US efforts to combat cyberespionage.

Geopolitics, the State, and Cybersecurity in a Globalized World

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Reports of the death of the state have been greatly exaggerated. Geopolitics still has an important role to play in cybersecurity.

Cyber Security the New Frontier for Spying?

Lock on laptop computer

The Obama administration’s recent approval of the Bush-era ‘Einstein-3’ program is a telling example of where President Obama’s priorities lie in balancing civil liberties with the need to secure cyberspace.

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