China-India Naval Arms Race

Myanmar: Ground Zero for China-India Energy Competition

Aung, Source Senat Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Author Michał Józefaciuk, cc Wikicommons,

Although democratization has brought added scrutiny to joint ventures in Myanmar, the NLD government is very much in need of the infrastructure investment that China and India can offer.

Japan Dreams of a Chinese Energy Chokehold

Shinzo_Abe,_Prime_Minister_of_Japan_(9092387608), cc Wikicommons, Chatham House London

The Japanese government is seeking allies in a bid to balance against a rising China.

China’s First Military Base Reveals an Evolving Foreign Policy

PLAAF, cc Flickr Simon YANG, modified,

The principle of non-interference is getting a makeover with regards to China’s foreign policy in Africa.

Challenging US Preeminence: China’s Grand Strategy and the Monroe Doctrine

Littoral Combat Ship USS Fort Worth, cc Flickr Naval Surface Warriors

What do plans to build a Chinese rival to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua say about the fall of the Monroe Doctrine and the rise of China as a global power?

Obama-Modi Summit: US Pivots All the Way to India

Obama and Modi in the White House CC Wikicommons

Obama doctrine finally got its field test in India, a chance for the president to ‘walk the walk’ of the US pivot.

Bangladesh’s Sonadia Port Dilemma: Is the US Navy the Answer?

Sinodia Port Plan cc Pacific Consultant International (PCI)

Government plans to build a China-financed deep seaport at Sonadia have hit a snag recently as Dhaka reconsiders the geopolitical implications of such a move.

Is Bangladesh the Newest Addition to China’s ‘String of Pearls’?

India Navy Flotilla, CC India Navy

Bangladesh may be drifting away from its traditional ally India and right into China’s wider regional plans.

Modi’s Foreign Policy: Tectonic Shift or Business as Usual?

an Indian Akula Class Submarine surfaces.

A decisive electoral win in the world’s largest democracy has the potential to re-draw some of Asia’s longstanding geopolitical fault lines.

Sino-Indian Relations: The Geopolitics of Aksai Chin

Line of Actual Control

Sander Ruben Aarten examines the geopolitical significance of the disputed area of Aksai Chin along the Sino-Indian border. 

China-India Relations: Cooperation and Conflict

China and India political map

Part one in a series examining China-India relations in the 21st century.

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