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South Africa’s Energy Conundrum

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President Ramaphosa inherited a dire national energy outlook, but one that’s not without its own opportunities.

2019: Towards a New World (Dis)Order

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The BRICS model of mutually respectful state-to-state cooperation can serve as a valuable template for the post-US global order.

The Road Ahead: Examining South Africa’s New International Strategy

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It’s time for President Ramaphosa to break with recent past and reassert the moral and multilateral imperatives in South African foreign policy.

Bolsonaro Takes Aim at Brazil’s Pension System

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The pension fight will signal whether the new Brazilian president can translate electoral victory into significant reforms.

Bolsonaro in Brazil: Good News for the US, Setback for China

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Trump has gained a kindred spirit in South America.

Sino-Indian Relations: The Weak Point of the BRICS

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Unity among the BRICS countries will continue to be thwarted by longstanding geopolitical disputes.

Emerging Markets Report (10-25-2018)

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A tentative recovery after a sell-off rippled through global equity markets yesterday.

Bolsonaro’s Lead Widens in Brazil Run-off Polls

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If recent polls are to be believed, Brazilians will elect an anti-establishment firebrand as president on October 28.

Brazil Election Second Round Bill: ‘Trump of the Tropics’ vs ‘Heir Haddad’

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While it might seem like a political tsunami from the outside, the most likely economic policy outcomes from Brazil’s second round of presidential voting are relatively tame.

Emerging Markets Report (10-05-2018)

Sao_Paulo_Stock_Exchange, cc Rafael Matsunaga, modified, Wikicommons,

After a new sell-off in emerging markets around the world, all eyes are on today’s US jobs report.

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