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Afghan Civil War: How Long Can Kabul Last?

A C-5 Galaxy takes off from a runway at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. In recent years, the 22nd Airlift Squadron has participated in missions in Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom., cc USGOV-PD, modified,

The Afghan government is on borrowed time after a string of battlefield successes by the Taliban.

Civil War Looms ahead of US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

cc Flickr ResoluteSupportMedia, modified,

Surging violence is a grim reminder that there is no credible peace process for post-NATO Afghanistan.

Pakistan Faces Tough Choices in Post-US Afghanistan

Afghan uniform police use sticks to eradicate a poppy field near the city of Qalat, Zabul province, Afghanistan, May 4. Photo by 1st Lt. Brian Wagner, cc Flickr ResoluteSupportMedia, modified,

President Biden may have ended Washington’s endless war. But for Pakistan, the real struggle might just be beginning.

Winners and Losers as the Afghan Peace Process Enters its Endgame

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The ‘new normal’ will be forged by Afghan actors, but the stakes remain high for foreign stakeholders like China, the United States, India, and Pakistan.

History on Repeat: War and Peace in Afghanistan

A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flies near Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, March 22, 2007. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr, cc Flickr US Army, modified,

Assessing Afghanistan’s past, present, and future as a US pullout looms.

Afghanistan’s Three Trillion Dollar Question

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Investing in Afghanistan’s mineral wealth wouldn’t cure everything that ails the long-suffering country. But it would certainly be a good start.

How the Islamic State Fractures Afghanistan’s Peace Prospects

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jason Geranen, of 2nd Battalion, 82nd Aviation Brigade (Long Range Surveillance Detachment), engages a Taliban fighting positions with an AT4 rocket near the village of Allah Say, Afghanistan, Aug. 21, 2007. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Michael L. Casteel)

ISIS-K wants to undermine any Afghan peace prospects. To achieve this, ISIS-K relies on a strategy of intimidation and division.

Shame and Silence: Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan

A group of Afghan children in Mazari Sharif; these children are not Bacha Bazi. CC Flickr Afghanistan Matters, modified,

Detailing the abusive practice of Bacha Bazi – or ‘dancing boys’ – in Afghanistan.

US-Taliban Deal: First Step on a Long Road to Peace

Combat Reconnaissance Patrol March 28-30, cc Flickr ResoluteSupportMedia, modified,

Though there’s a lot more work to be done before peace and stability reigns in Afghanistan, the recent US-Taliban deal is an important step in the right direction.

Is Islamic State Still a Threat?

cc Flickr U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos, modified, public domain, Iraqi security forces soldiers pause for a photo during react to enemy contact training at Camp Taji, Iraq, Feb. 25, 2017. The soldiers attended a Junior Leaders Course led by Coalition forces designed to enhance basic combat skills in support of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, the global Coalition to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Christopher Brecht)

Is Islamic State a spent force or a globe-spanning “al-Qaeda on steroids”?

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