Stop holding India’s Parliament Ransom

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For one full week, Parliament has remained paralyzed by the Congress-led opposition, creating disorder and ruckus when the sessions begin and staging walkouts when serious business needs to be conducted.

What the boycotting MPs are doing is illegal. They are paid by the taxpayer. The Parliament session is held through huge funding by taxpayers. The assurance given to the taxpayer is that his problems will be addressed, and if possible, solved at national level. There is also a sort of unwritten bond between the Parliament and the people who give it a shape through their vote, to utilize their money judiciously and in the interests of the country. Boycotting MPs are drawing from public exchequer to mar and terminate the sessions.

Holding Parliament at ransom is a betrayal of the trust of voters. It is almost criminal in the case of Congress because it is the oldest and the most historic political party that has steered this country through many political storms.

No patriotic Indian wants Congress to behave like musclemen or speak like a rude and uncouth rustic. Congress has had grace and dignity for so many decades under its stalwarts, the freedom fighters, and policy planners. They made India but never had thought that their own party men would strike at the roots of its freedom and democracy.

By its action in the Parliament and before the media, the Congress has degraded itself in the eyes of the people. It does not realize that it has become the most hated party in the country today by bullying and hoodwinking them.

What today’s Congress leadership has done is to array against the nation only to protect one dynasty just because it has had the privilege of ruling India for most of the time in post-independent era. It created moles and vested interests. It created henchmen and sycophants. It lionizes itself for paralyzing the parliament after brazenly looting the country to the heart’s content.

There is a case in the court of law against the Congress chief and her son Rahul, of alleged fraud in the case of the National Herald newspaper. It is a case under PIL. The proceedings are ongoing. The law is taking its course. The accused have been summoned to be present in the court in person. It is a normal procedure. If they accept that everybody is equal before the law, they should have no grudge for having been summoned to the court.

What does it mean to collect crowds outside the court and the Congress leaders addressing them accusing the prime minister of framing the Gandhis? It means they want to intimidate the court and influence judicial procedure. It means they do not believe in equality before the law. And what is very sordid is that the former prime minister of India joins the protesting ragtag outside the court and endorses crude allegations against the current prime minister made in public. The former prime minister has brought slur to the dignity of premiership of this country. He should be ashamed of this levity.

Sonia Gandhi went to see the president thrice in last one month or more. What for? Obviously to threaten him on moving impeachment motion in the Parliament if he does not see everything wrong in letting the majority government function normally. Does she want him to succumb to her haranguing?

Congress hatched one after another conspiracy to derail the government: Dadri murder, Karnataka murder, ghar wapsi canard, Sahitya Akademi award return, etc. It does so because it cannot digest BJP in the seat of power and Congress on the roadside. It means the Congress has no respect for the verdict of the people of India. How sad!

Congress’ struggle is of protecting the Gandhi family from being exposed for their theft of public money and various other acts of commission and omission. We fail to understand why the Congress leaders do so. Are they the beneficiaries of Gandhi-Nehru parivar or of the people who have been giving them trust and respect? If its slate is clean, Congress should not fear any inquiry or investigation. But by showing nervousness it naturally forces people to doubt its honesty and fairness.

Most of these Congress seniors, who are more vocal and enthusiastic in protecting dynastic interest of Gandhi-Nehru family are experienced domestic slaves turned into sycophants. The only merit with such people is that they are adepts in not allowing other aspirants to become bigger and more furtive slaves than they are.

The Congressites are against Modi not for anything else but for his drive to help people come out of a syndrome of slavish mentality. Slavery is the legacy affianced to us by the imperialists; masters have changed but servants are there and slavish mentality is there. Neo-imperialists are more fanatical than diehard imperialists.

India is in the middle of ideological conflict, the conflict between rising crescendo of Indian sanskriti and waning aura of pseudo imperialism.

What does Congress mean to convey by directing its units in major cities of India to come out on the streets demonstrating against the Modi government for calling the mother-son duo to be present in the court. Is it the harbinger of something big and grandiose that Congress wants to make in the country? What for stirring up the mass movement? If Congress thinks that its court case is the machination of Modi, then it means to say that the judiciary is not fair and impartial and works under the influence of the government. If that is true, it applies to six decade rule of the Congress in this country. Then we never had an impartial judiciary, not in the past, not in the present and not in future. Is that correct?

Congress accuses Subramnyam Swami of being the mask of PM Modi. Swami is a legal luminary and a patriot who has been carrying the cross for fighting corruption and falsehood of Congress for a long time. Neither the PM nor Swami is so peevish as to look for masks. Again, whose mask were people like Teesta Setelwad and police officer Bhat wearing when about a dozen cases were framed against the Chief Minister Modi during Congress regime and not a single case was proved.

There are saner elements among the Congress no doubt. But their voice is submerged under the cacophony of sycophants of inner circle of Congress High Command. As for the High Command, let me recall what the bard of Stratford-on-Avon said of Julius Caesar, “Caesar hates flattery being most flattered.” The only option now left for Congress is to descend from its imperialist heights and join the national mainstream: seek the people not the sycophants.


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