Senegal: Signs of Backsliding in One of Africa’s Strongest Democracies

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Senegal President Macky Sall has indefinitely postponed democratic elections due to be held on February 25. The unprecedented move raises concerns for a country that has long been seen as a stronghold for democracy in a region that has been the victim of a coup contagion in the past three years.

Having completed two terms, President Sall, in a national address, attributed the indefinite postponement of the elections to a dispute regarding eligible candidates. Despite affirming his decision not to seek a third term, he did not specify a new election date and in all likelihood will not, at least in the near term. Indeed, the promise of a “national dialogue,” straight after the announcement, came with no clear timeline. Yet, a month ago, Sall reiterated Senegal’s long democratic tradition, which he dated back to 1848 when the republic was first given a seat at the national assembly of France.

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