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Brazil Announces its Arrival at the UN

Brazilian airshow

In the past six months, Brazilian President Dilma Roussef has mounted an intriguing doctrinal challenge to the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P) Doctrine.

America’s Bad Year in the Middle East and Pakistan


2011 was poor for the Obama Administration in most of the Islamic world.

The Death of Pakistan-American Relations

Crescent moon and star on Pakistani flag

Pakistan-American relations lie in uncharted territories. Rumblings from both capitals suggest that the two long-time allies are on the verge of a historic rupture – possibly heralding a seismic shift in America’s foreign policy in the Persian Gulf and ushering in a realignment of allegiances in the region. 

China’s Economic Quandary

Oil Pipes in Anhui Province

Hopes that China can provide the impetus for a global economic resurgence are predicated on a profound misunderstanding of the intrinsic contradictions of the Chinese economy.

Putin Reawakens the Russian Bear

Vladimir_Putinddd, cc The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vladimir_Putin_(2017-01-17).jpg

Coverage of Vladimir Putin’s impending return to the Presidency of Russia on March 4th has so far focused almost exclusively on the menace posed to Russia’s teetering democracy.  Conspicuously, little analysis has been offered regarding the impact Putin’s eminent reprisal of the Kremlin’s top job is having on Russia’s foreign policy – particularly when it comes to how political events are playing out in Syria and the Middle East.

Why Many Fear Regime Change in Syria

President of Syria

The Middle East’s despots and the push for democracy synonymous with the Arab Spring make curious bedfellows.  And yet, as an Arab League delegation presses the United Nations to support the league’s latest roadmap to peace in Syria, all overt signs suggest that the Arab world’s most ardently anti-democratic leaders have re-cast themselves as champions of Western-style liberal democracy, at least in appearance. 

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