Saif Khattak

Saif Khattak is a writer and author based in Islamabad, Pakistan, whose work has appeared in The Diplomat, TRT World, and the Express Tribune.

Pakistan Faces Tough Choices in Post-US Afghanistan

Afghan uniform police use sticks to eradicate a poppy field near the city of Qalat, Zabul province, Afghanistan, May 4. Photo by 1st Lt. Brian Wagner, cc Flickr ResoluteSupportMedia, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/isafmedia/5688713447/in/photolist-9EK57G-9EG95P-81JFMe-8PLWnK-9EG9jk-82Jn5D-62nTzJ-9EK4Ns-81N9Qq-81MRRf-62jWoe-81K1G6-bs9TR3-62iBDB-62iNDg-bs9TSU-62pbXm-62pdqA-62iAer-81K1f8-62jVre-62nPWE-5ZwCnW-81Na57-5Zsnm8-81MQdf-62iyGR-bF4N7g-7G91jC-81N9io-7ujqo6-7PXF82-5ZsAWx-81MRBm-bF4NeT-62nNAS-81MQTm-81MRi7-p7Sp3M-bF4Ndi-9CZLjW-7G52MV-q4rzxx-5ZwKR3-5BWeE3-d7EtLQ-d7Ev4o-d7EriL-5BWeGu-5GgxxS

President Biden may have ended Washington’s endless war. But for Pakistan, the real struggle might just be beginning.

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