Rubin Sfadj

Mr. Sfadj is an French attorney in finance and technology governance issues and is qualified to practice at both the New York Bar and in Israel. He has been widely interviewed by media outlets in France, and his previous work has been published by outlets including Le Monde, the Huffington Post, and Slate.

Israeli Firms and UAE Courts: Is Caution Warranted?

cc Flickr imran shahabuddin, modified, https://flickr.com/photos/138133176@N07/25901817975/in/photolist-25sbM2o-vo4WuA-wk61eP-21yQLfq-neMCQ7-FsRA5x-vogue4-w3wy3L-MpZcnD-25aCaTD-9eE37d-9kJzD4-9dPgyJ-cT1nSu-koL9YJ-jUGxJP-9eSLCS-CMs1RB-LD8rVg-auMmVi-pnVZp6-koJTCz-aEysRn-e5UFTq-5CGtWn

A recent high-profile ruling against ‘jurisdiction shopping’ would seem to suggest that the UAE system is moving in the right direction.

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