Rose Youhana

Rosemary Youhana is the 2018 Human Rights Fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). Previously, Youhana worked as an advocacy associate at the Assyrian Universal Alliance Americas Chapter where she collaborated with civil society organizations based in Iraq, Syria and Turkey on human rights issues facing ethnic and religious minorities. She holds BAs in International Relations and French from the University of California Santa Barbara and a Master’s in International Affairs with a focus on human rights and global governance from American University’s School of International Service. She as been previously published with News Deeply and the Fair Observer.

The International Criminal Court’s New Jurisdiction Gambit

International Criminal Court, cc Link0ff, modified, https://search.creativecommons.org/photos/74cb1c60-778f-42c7-9c59-6a5d1b0d5b44

The ICC is attempting to rehabilitate its global image by extending its jurisdiction and prosecuting rights abusers outside of Africa.

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