Philip Worman & Dr. Chris Tooke

Philip Worman is a Senior Managing Director in J.S. Held’s Global Investigations practice. He joined J.S. Held in May of 2022 as part of J.S. Held's acquisition of GPW. Philip has over 20 years of experience in the political risk, business intelligence, and investigations sector, advising clients on doing business in emerging and frontier markets. Philip has particular expertise in sanctions policy and risk mitigation. Philip is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from Eurasian energy issues, international sanctions, and geopolitics. He has also featured as a commentator for the BBC, Financial Times, Vedomosti, Bloomberg, Sky News, and other media outlets. Philip can be reached at [email protected] or +44 20 7629 9299. Dr. Chris Tooke is a Director in J.S. Held’s Global Investigations practice. He joined J.S. Held in May of 2022 as part of J.S. Held’s acquisition of GPW. Chris is a leading specialist on political and regulatory risks in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet region. He works for major clients – ranging from banks, TMT, mining and oil & gas companies, to sovereign governments – to help them understand the political and operational environment in their target markets. Chris holds a fully funded doctorate from UCL/SSEES, where he also taught on undergraduate Russian language and culture courses. Before joining J.S. Held, he worked at The Economist Intelligence Unit, focusing on post-Soviet countries. Chris can be reached at [email protected] or +44 20 7629 9299.

The Energy War in Europe: Gas and the Russian Oil Price Cap

Alexxx Malev, cc modified, https://flickr.com/photos/alexxx-malev/48804438938/in/photolist-2hmFvnL-2nqJZEC-2newpRr-2nepT5m-2nev6aY-2newpNW-zDUrbb-2iJusb2-CLDYxA-2iSKWtb-2izt69P-2n7mnCn-2n6ckCV-6ic4r1-2nHYK1k-2nevqy9-2ni7Akw-2nhEBcE-2n8NWdf-2nhpBkp-2n6UhBp-2nciDKM-2noKiGG-2niwD2r-2ncfZcy-2jFvYXv-2nuTjtU-2n9QGhS-2nhEhxh-2neA3zV-mTq28R-2npDDXa-zL5ydF-2hpUx3R-2nJbLP8-2nisvhG-2izQ9s9-2hdEq6H-tiXk7Q-2n9rpPU-6gL3mB-2nqg7iJ-2nbAH8U-bwJZ4g-2ncBgJ4-2ndkxtb-2neAYZd-2nh5eEX-2gzpG4G-2ncKqDn

As winter looms, will weather be intervening to provide Russia with much-needed sanction relief?

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