Daniel Bodirsky

China-Vietnam Relations: Rising Panda Hidden Angst

USA Vietnam Naval Exercises

Daniel Bodirsky examines the historical context of Vietnam’s apprehension towards its powerful northern neighbor.

Election Report: Afghanistan

Afghanistan Electoral Candidates

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Daniel Bodirsky examines the primary contenders and what’s at stake in Afghanistan’s upcoming election. 

Ukraine Crisis: China’s Crimea Dilemma

Xi Jinping walks off plain

Daniel Bodirsky examines the difficult situation faced by China in dealing with Russia’s recent invasion of Crimea.

Election Report: South Africa

South African flag and person

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Daniel Bodirsky analyzes the major players and potential economic impact of upcoming general elections in South Africa. 

A Brief History of Islamic Fundamentalism in Chechnya

Bomb damaged building

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Daniel Bodirsky reveals how Islamic fundamentalism is a newcomer to Chechnya. 

South Korean Elections: A New Brand of Conservatism

Korean Flag

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Daniel Bodirsky explores the political and economic impacts of recent elections in South Korea. 

Islamic Fundamentalism in Africa

African Soldiers March

The proliferation of Islamic fundamentalist groups across Africa represents the latest iteration of the War on Terror. Much to the chagrin of the United States, Islamist militant groups from Nigeria to Somalia are increasingly coordinating their efforts and forging close links to al-Qaeda. This dossier will serve as a brief introduction to four of the most prominent Islamic fundamentalist groups operating in Africa today.

Libya Elections: Broader Implications

A High Election Commission worker collec

On July 7th 2012, Libya held its first election of the post-Gaddafi era. This historic event saw the moderate National Forces Alliance emerge as a surprise winner over the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party. Many have been quick to trumpet the success of Mahmoud Jibril’s broad coalition as a secular victory over regional Islamist forces, though the reality is far more complex.

US-Indonesian Relations: A Balancing Act

US President Barack Obama (R) chats to I

With increased Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea and a re-posturing of U.S. focus towards East Asia, the most powerful Southeast Asian state finds itself at a crossroads as it seeks to balance long-standing relations with the U.S. and the growing importance of its relationship with China, says Daniel Bodirsky of the Geopoliticalmonitor.

Turkey: Regional Powerbroker?

Turkey Military Dissent

The successful blend of Islam, democracy, a dynamic economy, and significant historical weight make Turkey uniquely qualified to assume a powerful role in the region, says Daniel Bodirsky of the Geopoliticalmonitor.com.

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