Christopher S. Ljungquist

Catalan Independence and a Tumultuous 2014 for Spain


Examining the current debate surrounding Catalan independence and what it might mean for the future of Spain and the EU.

Calderon, Nieto, and One less Zeta: Recent Shifts in the Mexican Drug War

Mexican President

What does last week’s arrest mean in the wider context of Mexico’s changing drug war?

Pope Benedict XVI: The Perilous Politics of Resignation

Catholic Pope

Exploring the historical precedents of papal resignation and looking to future international role of the Vatican in the post-Benedict era.

Mexican Cartel War: Profiling an Unorthodox Insurgency

Mexican Soldiers

The Mexican state is fighting powerful and multiple atypical insurgencies, armed with virtually unlimited access to firearms, including anti-aircraft batteries, and funded by an export trade in illegal narcotics worth billions of dollars.

The Geopolitics of Blasphemy: A Political Perspective on the Film Crisis

Civilian protest

Christopher S. Ljungquist presents an in-depth look at how the recent "film crisis" in the Islamic world reveals the dissonance between global information flows and institutionally immature Arab Spring countries.

Mexican Elections, Terrorism, and the PRI: Cartel War in Flux?

Revolutionary Institutional Party

Examining how Mexico’s recent elections will impact the country’s bloody and long-running war on the cartels.

Falklands 2012: War or Diplomacy?

A girl stands on a cannon at an Argentine Falklands

As this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, Argentina and the United Kingdom are locked in an intense war of words, looming legal disputes, potential economic hostilities, and a bitter public relations fight.

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