Benjamin Verdi

Benjamin Verdi is YPFP’s 2020 Cybersecurity & Technology Fellow, and a Global Innovation Manager with Grant Thornton International Ltd. The views expressed in his columns are his own and are not those of his employer.

TikTok and the Need for a Declaration of Digital Rights

cc Flick https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/, modified, Solen Feyissa, https://www.flickr.com/photos/solen-feyissa/50095193373/in/photolist-2jjJXGz-2jjP6YL-2jjP6YF-2jjP6ZH-u3JGNx-toaarJ-u3z9uc-sgKkKP-rjN6A3-rjN3fL-rXt8Uk-rZkVEp-sgKoLt-rZdYPf-sgNe4F-rjZB5v-sgKtkZ-sevbX3-sgNf8z-rXtdPR-rXt6LT-sgNgmX-sevfUb-akRPFS-2jpz4pX-2jD7beN-2jD5iSx-2jNadHg-2jrcwCr-2jD6v2E-2jD58XS-2jD6WK2-2jR84J9-2i1uTKF-2jMcqqe-2jQJpMR-2jQKhiX-ExBVGs-2jQKhiG-2jbtJev-FukWz-FukXi-2jQERMS-FukWk-FukWt-2jQKhhQ-2iva8xK-bifFdz-bieY86-bieXnM

The ongoing TikTok saga in the United States highlights the growing need for a ‘declaration of digital rights.’

A Fully-Automated Economy Should Not Be the Goal

cc Flickr Tesla Autobots, Steve Jurvetson, modified, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tesla_auto_bots.jpg

Hard as it is to defy the drum beat of technological progress, pervasive automation may represent some hidden costs that we’re unwilling to pay.

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