Adam Goldin

Adam Goldin is a country risk analyst and economist with masters' degrees in international affairs and economics. His areas of expertise include geopolitics, macroeconomics and international trade, political risk, borrowing and debt, financial markets, and public policy. He can be reached at [email protected], or follow him on twitter: @AdamGoldin_.

US-China Trade War: Headed for Conclusion or Escalation?

Presidents Trump and Xi at the G20 summit in Japan, cc Flickr White House, modified, public domain

What might the ramifications be of a full-blown trade war, and what is the likelihood presidents Trump and Xi manage to sign an agreement to avoid them?

In Defense of the Iran Nuclear Deal

ObTru, cc Flickr Karl-Ludwig Poggemann, modified, https://www.flickr.com/photos/hinkelstone/31196987133/in/photolist-PwLHov-zTtQQd-yXzMrU-CGCfvx-zBZNfC-ybei6R-yqqxij-xvRevR-vXfapm-ysH8xr-ytsgfk-yb3beN-xvRcFZ-ybdj2R-ysH9ie-xvRQ5v-yb8421-wfjqVH-yrMHfS-ysF3i2-ytqVot-weVvRK-wee6eW-yb543s-ysJ9Wr-yrN7Bw-wfmyk8-weeHrA-yrNHTU-yb8weq-vXhrDQ-ybch3x-vXfpuo-ybcjxT-yrCWHb-vXfLdu-xvDAYf-zBZV2S-zUJnmy-yaXkpb-ybaa2H-ybdFhr-ytikJD-z1buRr-yaXAzb-zCuYxd-zEqMcJ-zBYrWy-yaYC7W-24Bbk1i

With every passing day, it becomes more obvious that scrapping the Iran nuclear deal was a strategic and diplomatic blunder.

Democracy and the Arc of Progress

StatueofLIberty, cc Flickr Pablo Muñoz, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

After decades of progress, democracy is backsliding worldwide. At what point will people rise up and put a stop to it?

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