Sinai Province

TIMELINE: The Sinai Insurgency


A timeline of major attacks against government targets in the Sinai insurgency from 2014-2017.

KL9268: Striking at the Heart of Egypt’s Stability

Sharm_el_Sheikh_R01, cc Marc Ryckaert

By targeting the tourist sector in a fragile Egyptian economy, the bombing of KL9268 has struck a major blow against the Sisi government.

Flight KGL9268 Crashes in the Sinai

An Airbus 321, the same make that crashed in the Sinai this week. cc Flickr Bernal Saborio, modified,

With preliminary reports suggesting KGL9268 ‘disintegrated’ in mid-air, it appears likely that militants in the Sinai are behind the attack.

Egypt’s Sinai Providing Fertile Ground for Islamic State Expansion

Egyptian Army, CC US Air Force

The recent kidnapping and murder of a Croatian foreign worker has propelled Egypt’s Sinai Province into the media spotlight. But this Islamic State franchise has been a growing threat for a long time, and unless the Egyptian army changes its tactics the situation will only get worse.

Extremism on the Rise in Egypt’s Sinai

Barbed wire and road in Sinai Egypt

There's a rising threat of extremism on the Sinai Peninsula.

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