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Outlook 2018: Syria Peace Talks


Will 2018 be the year that finally brings peace to Syria?

Outlook 2018: Retrospective


Looking back on the major geopolitical trends of 2017.

The Rebirth of Russia’s Global Interests

Vladimir_Putinddd, cc The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office, modified,

In a case of history repeating, Moscow is making new diplomatic inroads into both the DPRK crisis and the Israel-Palestine peace process.

Who Controls Libya?

Libya, cc Flickr Al Jazeera English, modified,

Recent exposes on a booming slave trade highlight the fact that nearly seven years removed from NATO’s intervention, Libya is still in a state of chaos.

Egypt Struggles to Quell the Sinai Insurgency

SinaiSunset, cc Flickr Stephen D. Strowes, modified,

A bloody mosque attack may have brought the Sinai insurgency back into global headlines, but on the ground it never left.

TIMELINE: The Sinai Insurgency


A timeline of major attacks against government targets in the Sinai insurgency from 2014-2017.

Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Corruption Windfall

cc Flickr Jim Mattis, modified, Flickr Jim Mattis, modified,

MBS wants to reform the Saudi government and help the state get rich doing it. Will his plan work?

FLASH: Lebanon PM Hariri Changes His Mind

Prime Minister Saad Hariri, cc, modified,,

What changed to make Saad Hariri reverse course and stay on as prime minister of Lebanon?

ISIS Turns to Opiates to Fund Activities in the MENA Region

Fentanyl, cc Flickr Dennis Yip, modified, public domain

A new bust suggests that North Africa-based militant groups and the Italy-based mafia are cooperating and reaping big profits from drug trafficking in the MENA region.

Israeli Airstrikes in Syria: Prelude to a New War?

cc Flickr Venkat Mangudi, modified,

Once the Assad regime and its allies consolidate their hold on Syria, the focus could once again shift back to Israel.

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