Iraqi Kurdistan

Is Turkey In Over Its Head?

Grafitti of Turkey president Tacip Erdogan, whose policy is turning the MENA region upside-down.

Ankara’s decision to intervene directly in Syria further complicates an already complex battlefield dynamic, and it risks repercussions for Turkey’s internal and external security.

The Impact of a Turkish “Safe Zone” in Northern Syria

Many believe that a Turkish 'safe zone' will be used to increase attacks against the Kurdistan Workers Party in and around the Turkish border.

A “safe zone” in northern Syria could be a game-changer, but not necessarily a welcome one for the fight against Islamic State.

New Regional Alliances Emerge in the Fight against Islamic State

cc Flickr Ronnie Macdonald

The dynamic in the Middle East is changing. Recent events have pushed Turkey towards a more activist position against Islamic State (ISIS) and Kurdish forces, which is shaping the response of other regional players, and leading to new alliances that will impact the future of Syria, Iraq, and the wider region.

Analysis: Kurdish Peace Process at Risk as Turkey Bombs the PKK

Turkish Protest, CC Flickr Opendemocracy

This past week has seen a sea change in Turkey’s foreign policy, one that threatens to upend the last bastions of stability in an otherwise chaotic region.

Turkey Takes Aim at the Kurds

PKK Flag Turkish Kurds cc Flickr hughes_leglise

With all eyes on Kobane, the Turkish government decided to launch on attack not on the Islamic State fighters besieging the town, but the Kurds desperate to defend it.

Briefing: The Battle for Kobane

Flag of the Islamic State, cc GlobalPanorama

The Syrian town of Kobane, also known as Ain-al-Arab, has been the site of fierce fighting between Syrian Kurds and Islamic State (ISIS) for over three weeks. Some have even come to see it as a crucible for President Obama’s military strategy, arguing that if ISIS can still make territorial gains despite US air strikes, the chances for total victory over Islamic State are pretty bleak.

Does Obama Really Want to Defeat Islamic State?

Air strikes in Syria

President Obama’s plan to destroy Islamic State is ineffective at best. Rather, NATO allies should aim towards forcing the terrorist organization to implode from within.

Iraq: Divided They Prosper

Iraq Flag CC Nicolas Raymond

While it’s expected that it will be the Kurds who separate from Iraq, the real beneficiaries from a break-up of the country would be the Shia. They’re the ones who control 80 percent of the country’s oil wealth, and they would prefer not to share it with hostile neighbors.

Islamic State Online: Jihadist Propaganda 2.0

Twitter cc Andreas Eldh

Islamic State has a deep and sophisticated internet presence unlike any of the jihadist groups that came before it.

Is Fragmentation the Ideal Endgame in Iraq?

Soldier in Iraq cc US Army

Part two continues to highlight the reasons why Islamic State is unlike any other jihadist threat yet faced by the international community, and how a break-up of the Iraqi may be looming on the horizon.

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