Iran’s Reform Movement

Welcome to Islamic Paradise, Republic of Shame

Protests following elections in 2009, cc Flickr Iran Election 2009, modified,

Now over 42 years on, the disaster of the so-called Islamic revolution is still playing out for the long-suffering people of Iran.

Iran Bends under the Weight of US ‘Maximum Pressure’

A picture from the Tehran protests of 2009, cc Milad Avazbeigi, modified,

New nationwide protests are heaping pressure on the Rouhani regime; but all routes to a political solution remain blocked off.

Amid Strikes and Protests, Iran Braces for a New Wave of Sanctions

Hassan_Rouhani_press_conference_after_his_election_as_president_14, cc Alireza Bahari, modified, Fars News,

Tehran tries to put one fire out while preparing for an inferno.

Water Conflict: Iran’s Farmers Take on the Establishment

Iranfarmer, cc Flickr Beshef, modified,

Water shortages are fueling protests in Iran, drawing a forceful response from the authorities.

What Military Options Are on the Table If Trump Scraps the Iran Nuclear Deal?

President Trump, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore,, modified

A return to outright antagonism in US-Iran relations brings inevitable speculation about the military option. But the tactical hurdles faced by the US/Israeli air forces have only gotten worse over the past few years.

Backgrounder: Iran

iranrevolution, public domain

A brief history of Iran, a country that the Trump administration seems to have singled out as America’s primary geopolitical foe in the Middle East.

Backgrounder: Iran Elections

RouhaniSummit2014, cc attribute, modified,

An in-depth look at the institutions, candidates, and impact of Iran’s upcoming elections.

Obama’s Middle East Policy: Rapprochement, Retrenchment or Resignation?

Obama addresses US policy on the Middle East

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Anthony Rusonik analyzes the success of President Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East. 

Analysis: Iran-Russia Relations on the Rocks?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ge

A war of words is simmering between the governments of Iran and Russia, potentially placing the latter more squarely in the Western camp on any future attempts to turn the screw on Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran Reform Movement Flexes its Muscles

Protesters in Iran

The political divide in Iranian society has once again made itself known to the world, and all signs are pointing to a long and bloody conflict.

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