Something for Everyone in COP21, But Is It Enough?

December 14, 2015

Zachary Fillingham

COP21-2, cc Flickr thierry ehrmann, modified,


There’s some dissonance between responses from the media and the scientific community in the latest international attempt to contain climate change. On one hand, the media response to the Paris UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 21) has been remarkably positive. One might even conclude that Earth has already won, and the potentially disastrous consequences of climate change are no longer a threat – such is the power of the United Nations. Then James Hansen, former NASA scientist and the media-branded “father of climate change awareness,” out and calls the whole process “bullshit” in an interview and the party falls silent.

Who should we believe? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, right where the slippery intrigue of politics crashes up against the blunt peril of a supercomputer climate model.


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  • VendicarDecarian0

    Since 1965, (50 years) Global Average temperatures have risen by about 1’C. Over the next 100 years they will rise by more than double that, for a total rise of about 3’C. and commit the earth to at least another 2’C of warming in the long term.

    A rise of 8’C is a human extinction level event.


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