UUS President Barack Obama speaks on Iraq

ANALYSIS: Pulling out from Iraq
Zachary Fillingham

August 3rd, 2010 (Geopoliticalmonitor.com) - As expected, President Obama has confirmed that August 31st will mark an end to combat operations in Iraq. However, it is commonly accepted that his announcement is more about honoring campaign promises than reacting to the reality on the ground in Iraq.

Quebec flag

ANALYSIS: Quebec and the International Court
Kristian A. Kennedy

July 29, 2010 (Geopoliticalmonitor.com) - Quebec sovereigntists and their detractors in Quebec and the rest of Canada are weighing the significance of the International Court of Justice's recent advisory opinion on Kosovo for national unity in Canada.  The Court’s advisory opinion has spurred a debate on the subject in the country’s French-language press.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ge

ANALYSIS: Iran-Russia spat?
Zachary Fillingham

July 27th (Geopoliticalmonitor.com) - A war of words is simmering between the governments of Iran and Russia, potentially placing the latter more squarely in the Western camp on any future attempts to turn the screw on Iran’s nuclear program.

Did George Bush prevail over a turning point in US history?

U.S. a Dishonest Middle East Broker
Manjit Singh

After years of gradually losing its standing as a neutral arbiter between the Israelis and Palestinians, the U.S. government finally and openly declared sides during the Gaza conflict.  Unless President Barack Obama delivers on his promise to chart a new course, the U.S. will lose its place as a primary Middle-East mediator.


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