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The United States' Camp X-Ray in Cuba

Extraordinary Rendition
James Corbett

Since the early 1990s, the United States government has been operating a program to forcibly seize suspected terrorists in foreign countries and transfer them to a 3rd state without the knowledge or consent of the host country. This practice is known as extraordinary rendition.

Did George Bush prevail over a turning point in US history?

American Decline
Geopolitical Monitor

While US economic and (consequently) military might will decline, global integration ensures that change will be gradual. The reason for this is that those most able to crash the American economy have much to lose by doing so.

Moscow Russia

Russian Reassertion
Geopolitical Monitor

Russia has continued to aggressively reassert itself militarily. It has made its new approach clear by threatening to target US missile shield sites with nuclear weapons, testing a new intercontinental ballistic missile and providing nuclear fuel and promises of military assistance to Iran.


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