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Iran UN Sanctions
Geopolitical Monitor

China and Russia's consent to the new UN Security Council resolution against Iran reflect the modest nature of the resolution and an underlying desire by both countries that Iran not aquire a nuclear deterent, rather than a more fundamental shift in geopolitical alignment.

Political map of Congo

Congo Resource Wars
Andrew G. Marshall

This report examines the current war and genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which started in the mid-1990s, placing emphasis on the roles of Western covert operations, corporations and the plundering of resources that has resulted. 

Map of Kosovo

Kosovo Independence
Andrew G. Marshall

Serbia and Russia have refused to recognize Kosovo’s independence arguing the declaration is illegal and sets international precedent that is applicable to other breakaway regions including pro-Russian South Ossieta and Abkhazia in Georgia.

Hezbolla flag

Hezbollah Assassination
Geopolitical Monitor

Israel’s strategy of isolation and targeted assassinations can be expected to continue against Hezbollah and Hamas after Israel was widely attributed as being responsible for the car-bomb assassination of Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General Imad Mughniyah on February 13th in Damascus.


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