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Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, cc Flickr Stuti Sakhalkar, modified,

Conspiracy Surrounding Mumbai Attacks?
Manjit Singh

Just who was behind last week’s terrorist attack in Mumbai, India? Of all the players involved, everyone seems to have been advantaged by the carnage.  It may be too early to determine just who the mastermind is, but a careful analysis of quickly unfolding events ought to reveal just who had the most to gain – and, in geopolitics, the player with the most to gain is usually the culprit.

afpakborder, cc Flickr Image editor,, modified

Pakistan Taliban Taking Control of AfPak Border Areas
Manjit Singh

The resignation of hundreds of Pakistani police personnel due to fear of Taliban reprisals, and escalating tension along the Indo-Pak border eclipsing Islamabad's focus on militancy along its Afghan border, may result in Pakistan's NorthWest Frontier Province (NWFP) and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) falling to Pakistan Taliban control.

US Missile Defense, cc Flickr U.S. Missile Defense Agen, modified,

US Missile Defense
Manjit Singh

The U.S.' planned European missile defense shield, a principal feature of the Bush administration’s foreign policy, appears destined for the dustbin after Barack Obama’s recent presidential election victory.


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