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Wall Street's bull amid the US financial crisis.

Wall Street in Crisis
Geopolitical Monitor

If the financial crisis caused by Wall Street manages to diminish Washington’s prestige, ability to influence policy, and deters allies from following the US’ lead on foreign policy, it will achieve what 50 years of near nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union failed to do—the dissolution of the American Empire.

MQ-9_Reaper_UAV, public domain, U.S. Air Force Photo / Lt. Col. Leslie Pratt

Pakistan’s New Spy Chief
Marsha Reid

Far from being a routine reshuffling exercise, Pakistan’s appointment of a new chief for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) comes amid growing US pressure for reform and concern about the premier spy agency’s loyalty in the “war on terror”. 

Major cities in Somalia

Somalia: Truly at World’s End
Geopolitical Monitor

The Straits of Malacca are losing their status as the world’s most dangerous waters in exchange for a stretch of water off one of the world’s most lawless failed states.  The past week has witnessed what has become the most dramatic naval standoff since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

CIRA, cc Flickr William Murphy, modified,

MI5 & the IRA
Andrew G. Marshall

This report examines the role played by British intelligence and the British Army in collusion with the IRA and other paramilitary terrorist organizations; supplying weapons and explosives, allowing bombings to go forward and even committing murder in the name of “fighting terror.”


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